Sleek, contemporary lines, effortless function, guaranteed durability… Tripla tapware makes a difference. It’s an understated presence that turns a beautiful kitchen into distinctive one, and gives you hot, cold and filtered water, all from a single mixer.

Tripla T1 Mixer TapT1-dimension

Hot, cold, filtered and/or rainwater, but just one distinguished mixer. Use the main handle to control your hot and cold mains water, or turn the lower handle clockwise for filtered tank/mains. Mains and filtered have separate outlets, with independent tubes inside the tap, so there’s no mixing of filtered and unfiltered water.


Tripla T2 Mixer TapT2-dimension

A traditional compact design, the Tripla T2 gives you hot, cold, filtered/or rainwater water, all from just one mixer. The main handle controls hot and cold mains water, and the lever under the spout controls filtered mains/tank water. Just turn it clockwise and your filtered water is delivered via a separate tube and outlet, inside the mixer itself. There’s absolutely no mixing of filtered and unfiltered water.


Tripla T3 Mixer TapT3-dimension

An elegant, dual handle mixer, the T3 serves you hot and cold mains water from the big handle, and filtered tank/mains water from the small. There are two outlets, one for mains and one for filtered and separate tubes inside the unit too. So there’s absolutely no mixing of sources.


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