Aquaplate Round Tanks

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AQUAPLATE® steel water tanks are a traditional corrugated style steel tank, made from quality Bluescope AQUAPLATE® polymer-coated steel and are the most cost effective way of storing water when AQUAPLATE® is desired.

Colours shown are a representation only and should be visually checked before ordering
Other colours are available but some colours attract additional fees – Check with us prior to ordering

Product IDLitresGallonsDiameter (mm)Total Height (mm)Ring HeightPrice ($) ZincPrice ($) ColorbondImage
SAPR-5705701259658101 Ring670.00680.00
SAPR-1140114025096516302 Ring940.00957.00
SAPR-15701570340111016302 Ring1015.001034.00
SAPR-1700170037596524003 Ring1162.001200.00
SAPR-22702270500134516302 Ring1167.001192.00
SAPR-34003400750134524003 Ring1422.001509.00
SAPR-34103410750163016302 Ring1420.001444.00
SAPR-45504550100026408101 Ring1709.001730.00
SAPR-455045501000188016302 Ring1588.001617.00
SAPR-510051001125163024003 Ring1750.001846.00
SAPR-682068201500233016302 Ring1934.002042.00
SAPR-682068201500188024003 Ring2012.002055.00
SAPR-909090902000264016302 Ring2355.002435.00
SAPR-10200102002250233024003 Ring2515.002682.00
SAPR-13500135003000264024003 Ring3055.003124.00
SAPR-22500225005000345024003 Ring4042.004128.00

It is recommended that you read the Guidelines for using Tanks made from AQUAPLATE® steel