Boab Specialty Tanks

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Boab Specialty Tanks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for water, diesel and even one petrol option. Ideal for 4 X 4’s, Utes, Trucks, Caravans, Campers, buses or anywhere you need that extra liquid storage.

You may also want to view the range of Poly Universal Tanks available in both water and diesel


Product IDLitresLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kgs)DescriptionPrice ($)Image
WTP20JT203501604702Poly Water 20 Lt HD Jerry Can with Tap79.00
WTP40FW4012002501905Poly Water Tank - Footwell248.00
WTP40J404603503504Poly Water Tank 40Lt cube tank174.00
WTP40UTE405202653755Poly Water Tank - Under Tray189.00
WTP48V421295756007Poly Water Tank -Vertical309.00
WTP45FV451090905808Poly Water Tank - Vertical or Flat309.00
WTP45R N/A453504703505Poly Water Tank - Roof Rack Mount0.00
WTP50T5010002003505Poly Water Tank - Taper248.00
WTP55U5511201953105Poly Water Tank - Rectangular267.00
WTP60FV583458402356Poly Water Tank - Vertical or Flat225.00
WTP Discontinued 756008002409Poly Water Tank - Camper Trailer0.00
WTP80F80107080511511Poly Water Tank - Under Tray347.00
WTP120U1208155003359Poly Water Tank - Rectangular365.00


Product IDLitresLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kgs)DescriptionPrice ($)Image
FTP40FW4012002501905Poly Diesel Tank - Footwell250.00
FTP48V421295756007Poly Diesel Tank -Vertical250.00
FTP45FV451090905808Poly Diesel Tank - Vertical or Flat250.00
FTP50T5010002003505Poly Diesel Tank - Taper250.00
FTP60FV608403452356Poly Diesel Tank - Vertical or Flat250.00


Product IDDescriptionPrice ($)Image
FTPFNFiller Neck for Diesel Tanks15.00
FTUCAPVented Cap to suit Poly Petrol Tank20.00
FTPFK1Filler Kit for FTP45FV and FTP60FV27.00
WTPFK1Filler Kit for WTP45FV and WTP60FV27.00
FTU55PKHose Kit to suit Poly Petrol Tank69.00