Commercial Water Filters

Tank Master supply a range of Commercial filters. View the range below and contact us for more information.

Puretec Professional – Connect Rangeconnect

At the forefront of innovation the Connect range will keep you ahead efficiently. Quick, hygienic cartridge change outs, combined with next generation filtration has made a convenient system with excellent capacity and reduced consumable expenses.

The high-impact polypropylene body ensures durability with the added assurance of Australian Standards Watermark Approval.

We understand the constant hustle and bustle of food preparation. Whether you’re a restaurateur, barista, chef or baker the Connect range gives you the advantage of effortless water treatment. Includes ASP Anti-Scaling Protection technology to protect appliances from scaling and corrosion.


Puretec Professional – Connect Plus Rangeconnect-plus

The Connect Plus range combines all the features of the Connect range with the advantage of larger capacity. The massive capacity of the Connect Plus range ensures less cartridge changes, saving time and money.


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Configure Rangeacr-series

The Configure range, as it sounds, is designed to be customised to your exact requirements. Add filtration stages, gauges, valves, connectors wherever they are required. Select from the array of cartridges for taste, odour, chemicals, sediment and scale reduction.


ROS Series Continuous Flow Reverse Osmosis Systemros-series

Puretec ROS2700 Series represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the water treatment industry. This new reverse osmosis system features continuous-flow water production, a storage tank is no longer required.

This unit operates on line pressure, which eliminates the need for an electrical pump in most applications. It uses water pressure to reverse a natural physical process called osmosis. Water under pressure, is forced to a semi-permeable membrane to filter out minerals and impurities.