Carbon Filter Cartridges

CB Series – Carbon Block Filter Cartridgescb-series

The Puretec CB Series cartridges are highly effective in reducing, taste, odour, chlorine, and sediment. Cyst, lead, heavy metal, high turbidity and sulphur removal models are also available. The ultimate for beautiful drinking water. The Puretec CB cartridges are constructed from bonded activated carbon, offering superior treatment of water with no release of carbon fines.


DP Series – Dual Purpose Carbon Filter Cartridgesdp-series

The Puretec DP Series Dual-Purpose Long-Life cartridges offers sediment-filtration, as well as taste, odour and chlorine taste, and odour reduction in one cartridge. These cartridges are resistant to bacterial attack allowing them to be used for non-chlorinated water applications.

Puretec DP Series cartridges are ideal for rainwater tanks, bores, whole house, polishing filters on reverse osmosis machine, drinking water and many other applications where sediment, rust, taste and odour removal is required.


GC Series – Granular Carbon Filter Cartridgesgc-series

The Puretec GC Series carbon cartridges are the first choice for reducing unwanted taste, odour, chlorine, volatile chemicals, pesticides, leaving beautiful tasting clear water for all drinking water applications.

A post filter minimizes suspended particles and sediment. Maximum absorption of impurities is achieved through granular media, making it most suitable for drinking water, food service, whole house filtration and many other situations.


IC Series – Impregnated  Carbon Filter Cartridgesic-series

The IC Series carbon cartridges are the economical solution for general purpose filtration. The range, available in 2 sizes, are ideal for sediment, taste, odour and chlorine removal in light duty applications. IC Series cartridges are an inexpensive alternative for chlorinated water supplies.


MC Series – Moulded Carbon Filter Cartridgesmc-series

The Puretec MC Series Moulded Carbon cartridges offer effective chlorine taste and odour reduction found in traditional carbon block media while providing superior sediment reduction with resistance to premature plugging. They are highly effective at reducing chlorine taste & odour, bad taste & odour, as well as some organic chemicals.

MC Series cartridges are manufactured entirely from FDA-compliant materials making them ideal for a wide range of residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications.