Poly Cartage Tanks

Polyethylene cartage tanks and spray tanks are suitable for use in any industry and are highly recommended.

These top-quality, one-piece liquid transport tanks are supremely durable, reliable, and cost-effective—the best of their kind in Australia.

If you have any special requirements, contact one of our friendly staff.

Ideal for broadacre agriculture, our range of Poly Cartage Tanks and Spray Tanks can be used for fertiliser, dust suppression, or chemical application, transport and storage.

Manufactured from high-quality polyethylene, our Polyethylene Cartage and Spray Tanks are strong, durable, and fully weatherproof, so your operations are never interrupted.

Our range of Poly Cartage Tanks and Spray Tanks are available in a vast variety of sizes, starting from 20 litres through to a massive 17,000 litres. Our range includes free-standing and sump draining tanks.

For extreme heavy-duty requirements, our skid-mounted units are suitable for even the toughest of demands (see Skid Mounted Liquid Cartage Tanks in the menu under Cartage Tanks).

Our range of Poly Cartage Tanks have great benefits in terms of liquid stability and impact resistance. Couple this optional fittings and accessories, Tank Master can supply with the right tank for the right job.

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