Hot Water Pumps

BIA C2580 180

Tank Master supplies a range of Hot Water Circulating and Hot Water Booster Pumps.

The Stainless steel housing makes them suitable for underfloor heating. They are maintenance-free, low in noise and come complete with unions.

Hot Water Circulating Pumps

  • Circulation body materials suitable for potable water
  • 3-speed operation

Hot Water Booster Pumps

  • Suitable for boosting pressure in gravity-fed hot water systems.

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Title Volts Speeds Max Temp Max Head LPM Unions Centre Distance Price Thumbnails
BIA-C2060-150-Hot Water Circulating Pump
BIA C2060 150
BIA-C2580-180-Hot Water Circulating Pump
BIA C2580 180
BIA-C3280-180-Hot Water Circulating Pump
BIA C3280 180
BIA-C1509-160-Hot Water Booster Pump
BIA C1509 160