Tank Level Gauges | Tank Level Switches

Tank Level Indicators let you know how much water is in your tank

Tank Level Switches can control when your pump switched on / off based on the level of water in your tank

Kelco D30 Brochure – Kelco D30 Installation Sheet

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Davey TankSense - Water Level Monitor

With TankSense™, tank water management has never been easier.

When your livelihood depends on rainwater, being able to manage your tank water levels is critical. Davey TankSense is an invaluable device that will monitor and track your water resource to ensure supply is always available.

TankSense can be customised to suit your specific living arrangements and provides real time data, via an App, direct to your mobile phone, such as, how many days of water you have left remaining and alerts when your tank water levels are low based on your household's usage.