Poly Garden Tanks

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Poly Garden Tanks are ideal for storing water for use on your gardens. Decorative designs to enhance your gardening pleasure.

Product IDLitresGallonsLengthWidthHeightPriceImage
PGT-SQUAREBUTT-203 N/A203457007008200.00
PGT-ROUNDBUTT-210 N/A210477707708000.00
PGT-LINUS-2IN1 N/A2204958058012000.00
PGT250D N/A250556706709500.00
PGT-TERRANOVA N/A2756180040010500.00
PGT300D-Sunda N/A3006680040011800.00
PGT-SQUAREBUTT-300 N/A300668006609200.00
PGT300D N/A3006658037018200.00
PGT-ROUNDBUTT-310 N/A310698008009400.00
PGT350D - Color 2 In 1 N/A3507662062015000.00
PGT-NATURA-2IN1 N/A3507762062015000.00
PGT350D N/A35076124040010000.00
PGT360D - Antique Amphora N/A3609588078012000.00
PGT500D N/A50011073073019300.00
PGT-ROUNDBUTT-510 N/A5101131000100011000.00
PGT-SQUAREBUTT-520 N/A52011512408009300.00
PGT650D N/A65014379052021000.00
Please note that the tanks in this range are not suitable for drinking water