Poly Septic Tanks and Leach Drains

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The range of septic tanks and leach drain on this page are
approved by the WA Health Department under
“Approved Non-concrete Septic Tanks and Leach Drains”

You can download the list of manufacturers we supply here
Approved Non Concrete Septic Tanks and Leach Drains (PDF)

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Septic Tanks

Poly Septic Tanks and Leach Drain are lightweight, Easy to transport and install. Manufactured from UV stabilised durable polyethylene. Anti floatation ring and ribbing incorporated into design.

The SEP-4000 has a baffle and is supplied as complete kit including offset inlet and outlet ‘T’ pieces as well as a manhole.

Product IDDiameter (mm)Total Height (mm)DescriptionPrice ($)Weight (kg)Image
SEP-LID ELid to suit all except NEP-400049.002.5
SEP-5007501380500 Litre Pump Out Pit (Not Baffled)625.0045
SEP-1000110013801,000 Litre Pump Out Pit (Not Baffled)688.0075
SEP-1450-E125015001,450 Litre Septic Tank (Not Baffled)823.00N/A
SEP-1200140019001,200 Litre Septic Tank (Not Baffled)853.0085
SEP-2200-E154015002,200 Litre Septic Tank (Not Baffled)860.00N/A
SEP-2200170018502,200 Litre Septic Tank (Not Baffled)1142.00125
SEP-2200170018502,200 Litre Septic Tank (Baffled)1279.00135
NEP-4000E220017704,000 Litre Septic Tank (Baffled)1699.00200

Manufacturer/Distributor: NEP-4000 Rapid Plastics WA Pty Ltd | SEP-500, SEP-1000, SEP-1200, SEP-2200 Filtrex Innovative Wastewater Solutions

Leach Drain Kits


The leach drain systems are designed to integrate efficiently with the septic tank units (above) although they can be utilised in any waste water situation requiring a leaching system.

Leach Drain Systems are available in a range of sizes. Manufactured from strong, light-weight polypropylene, the leach drain systems are an easy to install, cost effective solution for effluent waste issues. They are flat packed for easy and efficient logistics. The systems are very flexible with a range of configurations for every requirement, designed to meet strict industry regulation and standards.


100% Recycled, Light Weight, modular, 95% Void Area, Strong, Service Temperature -20 to 120 Degrees C, Polypropylene, Flat Pack Form, Made in Western Australia.


Environmentally Friendly, Simple to Install, Trafficable, Cost Effective, Chemically Inert, Not Affected By Mould or Algae, UV Stabilised, Water Saving, 100% Recyclable.

The first tank has a bottom to prevent scouring from the outfall pipe, all tanks after the first tank do not.

Leach Drains

To determine the length of leach drains required, use the following formula

Click on the table below for a larger view

IA = Infiltrative area of drain

Leach Drains – Normal Duty

Leach Drains – Normal Duty – View Printer Friendly Version


Product IDLength (m)No of TanksGeotextileLarge PanelsSmall PanelsPrice ($)
LD-5.005.0076.0m x 2m2221261.00
LD-5.725.7287.0m x 2m2524298.00
LD-6.436.4397.5m x 2m2827333.00
LD-7.157.15108.5m x 2m3130370.00
LD-7.867.86119.0m x 2m3433405.00
LD-8.588.581210.0m x 2m3736442.00
LD-9.309.301310.5m x 2m4039477.00
LD-10.0010.001411.0m x 2m4342512.00
LD-10.7210.721512.0m x 2m4645549.00
LD-11.4411.441612.5m x 2m4948584.00
LD-12.1512.151713.5m x 2m5251621.00
LD-12.8712.871814.0m x 2m5554656.00
LD-13.5813.581915.0m x 2m5857693.00
LD-14.3014.302015.5m x 2m6160728.00
LD-15.0115.012116.0m x 2m6463763.00
LD-15.7315.732217.0m x 2m6766800.00
LD-16.4416.442317.5m x 2m7069835.00
LD-17.1617.162418.5m x 2m7372872.00
LD-17.8717.872519.0m x 2m7675907.00
LD-18.5918.592620.0m x 2m7978944.00
LD-19.3019.302720.5m x 2m8281979.00
LD-20.0220.022821.0m x 2m85841014.00
LD-20.7320.732922.0m x 2m88871051.00
LD-21.4521.453022.5m x 2m91901086.00
LD-22.1622.163123.5m x 2m94931123.00
LD-22.8822.883224.0m x 2m97961158.00
LD-23.5923.593325.0m x 2m100991195.00
LD-24.3124.313425.5m x 2m1031021230.00
LD-25.0225.023526.0m x 2m1061051265.00
LD-25.7425.743627.0m x 2m1091081302.00
LD-26.4526.453727.5m x 2m1121111337.00
LD-27.1727.173828.5m x 2m1151141374.00
LD-27.8827.883929.0m x 2m1181171409.00
LD-28.6028.604030.0m x 2m1211201446.00
LD-29.3129.314130.5m x 2m1241231481.00
LD-30.0330.034231.0m x 2m1271261516.00
LD-30.7430.744332.0m x 2m1301291553.00
LD-31.4631.464432.5m x 2m1331321588.00
LD-32.1732.174533.5m x 2m1361351625.00
LD-32.8932.894634.0m x 2m1391381660.00
LD-33.6033.604735.0m x 2m1421411697.00
LD-34.3234.324835.5m x 2m1451441732.00
LD-35.0335.034936.0m x 2m1481471767.00
LD-35.7535.755036.5m x 2m1511501802.00

Leach Drains – Normal Duty – Assembly Instructions

Leach Drains - Heavy Duty

Leach Drains – Heavy Duty

Leach Drains – Heavy Duty – View Printer Friendly Version

Product IDLength (m)No of TanksGeotextileLarge PanelsSmall PanelsPrice ($)
LD-5.005.0076.0m x 2m2228296.00
LD-5.725.7287.0m x 2m2532338.00
LD-6.436.4397.5m x 2m2836378.00
LD-7.157.15108.5m x 2m3140420.00
LD-7.867.86119.0m x 2m3444460.00
LD-8.588.581210.0m x 2m3748502.00
LD-9.309.301310.5m x 2m4052542.00
LD-10.0010.001411.0m x 2m4356582.00
LD-10.7210.721512.0m x 2m4660624.00
LD-11.4411.441612.5m x 2m4964664.00
LD-12.1512.151713.5m x 2m5268706.00
LD-12.8712.871814.0m x 2m5572746.00
LD-13.5813.581915.0m x 2m5876788.00
LD-14.3014.302015.5m x 2m6180828.00
LD-15.0115.012116.0m x 2m6484868.00
LD-15.7315.732217.0m x 2m6788910.00
LD-16.4416.442317.5m x 2m7092950.00
LD-17.1617.162418.5m x 2m7396992.00
LD-17.8717.872519.0m x 2m761001032.00
LD-18.5918.592620.0m x 2m791041074.00
LD-19.3019.302720.5m x 2m821081114.00
LD-20.0220.022821.0m x 2m851121154.00
LD-20.7320.732922.0m x 2m881161196.00
LD-21.4521.453022.5m x 2m911201236.00
LD-22.1622.163123.5m x 2m941241278.00
LD-22.8822.883224.0m x 2m971281318.00
LD-23.5923.593325.0m x 2m1001321360.00
LD-24.3124.313425.5m x 2m1031361400.00
LD-25.0225.023526.0m x 2m1061401440.00
LD-25.7425.743627.0m x 2m1091441482.00
LD-26.4526.453727.5m x 2m1121481522.00
LD-27.1727.173828.5m x 2m1151521564.00
LD-27.8827.883929.0m x 2m1181561604.00
LD-28.6028.604030.0m x 2m1211601646.00
LD-29.3129.314130.5m x 2m1241641686.00
LD-30.0330.034231.0m x 2m1271681726.00
LD-30.7430.744332.0m x 2m1301721768.00
LD-31.4631.464432.5m x 2m1331761808.00
LD-32.1732.174533.5m x 2m1361801850.00
LD-32.8932.894634.0m x 2m1391841890.00
LD-33.6033.604735.0m x 2m1421881932.00
LD-34.3234.324835.5m x 2m1451921972.00
LD-35.0335.034936.0m x 2m1481962012.00
LD-35.7535.755036.5m x 2m1512002052.00
Leach Drains – Heavy Duty – Assembly Instructions


Leach Drains - Extra Heavy Duty

Leach Drains – Extra Heavy Duty

Leach Drains – Extra Heavy Duty – View Printer Friendly Version

Product IDLength (m)No of TanksGeotextileLarge PanelsSmall PanelsPrice ($)
LD-5.005.0076.0m x 2m2235331.00
LD-5.725.7287.0m x 2m2540378.00
LD-6.436.4397.5m x 2m2845423.00
LD-7.157.15108.5m x 2m3150470.00
LD-7.867.86119.0m x 2m3455515.00
LD-8.588.581210.0m x 2m3760562.00
LD-9.309.301310.5m x 2m4065607.00
LD-10.0010.001411.0m x 2m4370652.00
LD-10.7210.721512.0m x 2m4675699.00
LD-11.4411.441612.5m x 2m4980744.00
LD-12.1512.151713.5m x 2m5285791.00
LD-12.8712.871814.0m x 2m5590836.00
LD-13.5813.581915.0m x 2m5895883.00
LD-14.3014.302015.5m x 2m61100928.00
LD-15.0115.012116.0m x 2m64105973.00
LD-15.7315.732217.0m x 2m671101020.00
LD-16.4416.442317.5m x 2m701151065.00
LD-17.1617.162418.5m x 2m731201112.00
LD-17.8717.872519.0m x 2m761251157.00
LD-18.5918.592620.0m x 2m791301204.00
LD-19.3019.302720.5m x 2m821351249.00
LD-20.0220.022821.0m x 2m851401294.00
LD-20.7320.732922.0m x 2m881451341.00
LD-21.4521.453022.5m x 2m911501386.00
LD-22.1622.163123.5m x 2m941551433.00
LD-22.8822.883224.0m x 2m971601478.00
LD-23.5923.593325.0m x 2m1001651525.00
LD-24.3124.313425.5m x 2m1031701570.00
LD-25.0225.023526.0m x 2m1061751615.00
LD-25.7425.743627.0m x 2m1091801662.00
LD-26.4526.453727.5m x 2m1121851707.00
LD-27.1727.173828.5m x 2m1151901754.00
LD-27.8827.883929.0m x 2m1181951799.00
LD-28.6028.604030.0m x 2m1212001846.00
LD-29.3129.314130.5m x 2m1242051891.00
LD-30.0330.034231.0m x 2m1272101936.00
LD-30.7430.744332.0m x 2m1302151983.00
LD-31.4631.464432.5m x 2m1332202028.00
LD-32.1732.174533.5m x 2m1362252075.00
LD-32.8932.894634.0m x 2m1392302120.00
LD-33.6033.604735.0m x 2m1422352167.00
LD-34.3234.324835.5m x 2m1452402212.00
LD-35.0335.034936.0m x 2m1482452257.00
LD-35.7535.755036.5m x 2m1512502302.00

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Infiltration Tunnels / Leach Drains


The Infiltration Tunnel has been designed mainly for the use in private and rural areas. The system consists of one or several tunnel modules and two end plates can be extended at will.

Installation of the Infiltration Tunnels can be in one or more lines of the same level.

As the weight of one module is only 11 kilos, the handling of the Infiltration Tunnel is excellent.

Product IDDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Price ($)Image
GIT-300Sicker Infiltration Tunnel Module1160800510114.00
GIT-EPSicker Infiltration Tunnel End Plate (Pack of 2)2580051062.00
GIT-IHDN200 Inspection Hatch98.00
GIT-ICDDN100 Infiltration Choke Drain (Delayed drain of 1 to 6.5 litres per second)105.00
GIT-DAEDN100 Deaeration End114.00
GEOTEXGeotextile Material (2 Metres Wide) - Per Linear Metre200010.00