Aquaculture Tubs

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Aquaculture Tubs are open top tanks ideal for fish breeding. They can be modified in a variety of ways.

Product IDLitresDescriptionDiameterHeightWeight (kgs)PriceImage
AT250250250 Litre Aquaculture Tub100045012230.00
AT500500500 Litre Aquaculture Tub130050018345.00
AT100010001,000 Litre Aquaculture Tub165060038499.00
AT1200AT Black Only1200 Aquaculture Tub 01RP272153076035699.00
AT150015001,500 Litre Aquaculture Tub200065055755.00
AT200020002,000 Litre Aquaculture Tub230065065860.00
AT300030003,000 Litre Aquaculture Tub230095090999.00
AT4500D45004,500 Litre Aquaculture Tub (Includes Fittings Box)230013801295.00
AT500050005,000 Litre Aquaculture Tub270010001121340.00
AT900090009,000 Litre Aquaculture Tub350010001650.00
AT100001000010,000 Litre Aquaculture Tub350013001852160.00

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