Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions refer to information and liability on this website and to information and liability provided through our store or by telephone, email, fax or any other form of communication.

All text, images, graphics, PDFs, animation, videos, sounds, and other materials on this website are subject to the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of Tank Master Australia Pty Ltd.

Apart from the purposes of private study and private use, this information cannot be used without written permission from Tank Master Australia Pty Ltd.

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Tank Master Australia Pty Ltd has made every reasonable attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed, however, it does not guarantee the information is complete, correct, or up to date, and the information, including the availability of individual items and their prices, is subject to change without notice.

In no event shall Tank Master Australia Pty Ltd be liable to any person under any law for any loss or damage related to any information on this site.

Tank Master does not take any responsibility for the suitability of any product and any suggestions given, either on this website, or other websites owned and maintained by Tank Master, by email, phone, in-store, or by any other form of communication should be used as a guide only.


Tank Master Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 52 743 176 722) of 11 Loton Avenue, Midland, Western Australia 6506, Ph: (08) 9274 7000, herewith referred to as “Tank Master”.

All products supplied by Tank Master are covered by warranties from the respective manufacturer of the product(s).

To submit a warranty claim, please contact Tank Master at (08) 9274 7000 or send an email to sales@tankmaster.com.au. Tank Master will provide the purchaser with a Warranty Claim Form for completion from Tank Master and/or the product manufacturer. If requested, the purchaser must provide photographs to support any warranty claim.

The completed Warranty Claim Form, proof of purchase, and any photographic evidence requested by Tank Master must be returned to Tank Master at the purchaser’s cost and in the manner directed by Tank Master.

Incorrect installation, handling, and usage of products sold by Tank Master, other than in accordance with the instructions provided by Tank Master, will prevent a purchaser from making any claim under this warranty.

Tank Master may require the removal of the contents of any tank to allow inspection and/or repair or replacement. The cost of the removal and storage of contents (if necessary) will be borne by the purchaser.

The purchaser is responsible for all costs arising out of a warranty claim, including transport costs to Tank Master or its nominee, installation, handling, and storage of tank contents, and the disposal of any replaced tank (if applicable), where this is not covered by any other Australian law.

All Poly Round Tanks have a 10-year pro-rata warranty. This warranty is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the manufacturer of the tank.

All Poly Under Eave / Slimline tanks has a 12-month pro-rata warranty. This warranty is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the manufacturer of the tank. This excludes commercial installations which are not covered by a warranty as all under-eave / slimline tanks available from Tank Master are designed for domestic installations only.

When making a warranty claim, the manufacturer requires photographs of the warranty issue and the tank “in situ”, as well as a copy of the original purchase receipt, in order to process the warranty claim. Some manufacturers require the purchaser to fill out a warranty claim form. This will usually be provided by the manufacturer if required.

Tank Master advises customers that all care is taken when manufacturing products. In some cases, materiel (swarf) or debris may be left inside due to the manufacturing process. Tank Master advises customers that tank(s) should be vacuumed or washed out prior to installation. Material (swarf) or debris may affect pipework, pumps, and other devices installed after the tank, and failure to remove this material may void any warranty claims.

If requested by Tank Master, products installed in remote and/or inaccessible locations may need to be returned to a Tank Master agent’s premises or other location as required by Tank Master at the purchaser’s expense to enable inspection and/or repair.

To the extent permitted by law, Tank Master’s liability is limited to these warranty terms and conditions, in particular the pro-rata cost of repair and/or replacement of the product, at Tank Master’s or the manufacturer’s option.

Some products are covered by a ‘Pro-rata’ warranty. This means that Tank Master or the manufacturer’s obligations reduce in line with the time remaining under the warranty. For example, if a warranty claim is made 5 years into a 10-year pro-rata warranty (50%), Tank Master’s obligation under these terms and conditions is limited to a total of half the cost of repair or replacement of the product (50%), and the purchaser must pay for any additional amounts necessary to repair/replace the product in respect of which the claim is made.

Other than the costs payable by the purchaser set out in paragraphs 4, 5, and 6, any expense for a warranty claim made within the first 12 months of purchase will be borne by Tank Master and/or the product manufacturer.

This warranty is in addition to any non-excludable legal rights or remedies conferred on the purchaser under any laws which apply to the goods sold by Tank Master.

Purchasers are advised that goods sold by Tank Master come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


Please choose carefully. We don’t normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong selection. Exchanges and refunds can be given where goods are faulty, wrongly described, different from a sample shown to you, or don’t do what they are supposed to do, as per the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection – Government of Western Australia – 1300 30 40 54.

Product Returns and Cancellation of Orders

If a product return is approved by Tank Master, the product(s) returned for credit must be in “As New” condition and are subject to a 25% restocking and administration fee and return freight cost(s).

Canceled Orders will also incur a 25% restocking and administration fee.

Abandonment of Sales

Abandonment of a Sale (invoice) will take effect after 90 days of the invoice date.

Abandonment of a Sale occurs if:

    • The Purchaser has not collected, or arranged to be collected, the invoice items held at Tank Master;


    • The Purchaser has not made special arrangements with Tank Master to hold the invoice items past 90 days;

Tank Master reserves the right to re-sell Abandonment of Sale (invoice) items.

If an Abandonment of Sale has taken effect, and the invoice items have been re-sold, the Purchaser may still arrange to collect the invoice items, however, those items will need to be reordered and any wait times for ordering, delivery, or delays will apply.

Orders and Payments

Stock Items and Standard Items (50% Deposit)

A minimum 50% deposit must be received and processed to initiate an order. The balance must be received and processed prior to pick up or dispatch.

All Stock Items and Standard Items must be paid for in full prior to pick up or dispatch.

Custom Items

All Custom Items will be quoted by a Tank Master representative first. When the client approves a quote, an invoice will be generated and sent to the client.

Payment must be made in full, processed, and cleared into Tank Master’s bank account PRIOR to the commencement of production as these items are produced to the clients specifications and would be unsuitable to sell to a different client.

Payment Methods


Credit Card (MasterCard and VISA only), EFTPOS, and Cash


MasterCard and VISA Credit Cards Only), Cash, and Direct Deposit – (Refer to Dispatch / Goods Release below).


We DO NOT accept cheques. Exceptions can be made under special circumstances – (Refer to Dispatch / Goods Release below).


There are NO ACCOUNTS at Tank Master – Refer to “Dispatch / Goods Release” below and “Orders and Payments” above for clarification.

Dispatch / Goods Release

All goods must be paid in full prior to being released. All goods will remain in the possession of Tank Master or its agents until such time as payment has been received, processed, and cleared.

Images and Content

All images and content on this website are the property of Tank Master or the respective supplier. No image or content on this website may be used anywhere without the prior permission of Tank Master or the respective copyright owner’s permission.