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1,000 Litre Single Axle Firefighting Trailer

QTY: 1 Only

CONDITION: Refurbished / Licensed November 2024

PRICE: $9,900.00 Each

Maximized Safety, Minimized Cost: Discover the Value in Our Pre-Owned 1000-Litre Fire Fighting Trailer!

We have an unbeatable combination of features and affordability with our licensed, pre-owned 1000-litre firefighting trailer. Equipped with lights, a brand-new motor featuring a twin-impeller petrol pump, and a galvanised trailer for long-lasting performance, this single-axle trailer offers top safety features without breaking the bank.

The 1000-litre tank, complete with a hinged lid, ensures you're prepared for emergencies. The trailer has the convenience of brakes, a pick-up suction line, and a 30-meter hose x ¾” with brass nozzle – features designed for efficient firefighting. The trailer's responsible past use and durable construction guarantees reliability without compromising your budget. This trailer is ready to face any challenge with heavy-duty off-road tires and a mounted spare tyre.

Located in Midland, our showroom invites you to experience the exceptional value our pre-owned firefighting trailer offers. Choose a reliable, cost-effective solution without sacrificing safety. Visit us today and see why our 1000-litre firefighting trailer is the smart investment for those who prioritise both safety and savings!

Contact us for more information - Phone (08) 9274 7000 or Email sales@tankmaster.com.au

New IBC Firefighting Skids | Limited Stock

QTY: Limited Stock


PRICE: $2,350.00 Each


Simplicity Meets Affordability: Grab Your Basic Fire Fighting Unit Now!

Introducing our no-nonsense, cost-effective skid-mounted fire fighting unit – your budget-friendly solution for emergency preparedness. Based on a new Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) tank, this straightforward setup comes equipped with a brand-new twin-impeller petrol pump, delivering essential functionality without breaking the bank.

Designed for practicality, this basic firefighting unit is ready to go right out of the gate, ensuring immediate readiness for any unforeseen challenges. With only 2 units left, this is your chance to secure a reliable and affordable tool for fire safety. Skip the complexities and embrace the simplicity of this efficient solution – perfect for those who value functionality without unnecessary frills.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Act now and visit our showroom for immediate delivery. Your cost-effective firefighting solution awaits – because safety shouldn't come with a hefty price tag!

Contact us for more information - Phone (08) 9274 7000 or Email sales@tankmaster.com.au

10,500 Litre Tanks Mounted on Skid Platforms

QTY: 2 Only

CONDITION: Refurbished

PRICE: $4,900.00 Each

Seize the opportunity to enhance your water storage capabilities with our commercial/industrial water tank mounted on a sturdy galvanized skid. Previously used but meticulously cleaned and prepared for its next owner, this tank is a reliable solution for various applications. The galvanized skid features a durable frame that securely holds the tank in place, allowing for easy mobility from one location to another.

Designed with practicality in mind, this unit comes with provisions for a cover, ensuring protection for a future pressure pump. The tank itself is constructed from durable polyethylene (PE) material, equipped with a convenient drain valve at the bottom for efficient water management. The top features a screw-down lid with a basket for added convenience during maintenance.

Why wait for long delivery times? Purchase this unit now and streamline your water storage needs. This tank, previously utilized for water storage, is available for on-site viewing in Midland. Don't miss the chance to inspect its features first-hand and make it yours. Upgrade your water storage with reliability – act now!

Contact us for more information - Phone (08) 9274 7000 or Email sales@tankmaster.com.au

14,000 Litre Industrial Tanks

QTY: 2 Only

CONDITION: Refurbished

PRICE: $2,850.00 Each

Immediate Solution for Your Industrial Process Needs - 14,000-Litre PE Tank (With Commercial Fittings) Ready for Pickup!

Revolutionize your industrial processes with our robust 14,000-litre process tank, crafted from thick-walled polyethylene (PE) for durability that stands the test of time. Designed with efficiency in mind, this tank features weld inlets and outlets, with an impressive 200mm outlet to facilitate seamless operations.

Bypass the extended lead times associated with manufacturing – this tank is available for immediate pickup, offering a swift solution to your industrial demands. The 455mm inlet, complete with a basket, ensures efficient filtration. Need additional custom fittings? No problem – we're here to tailor this tank to meet your specific requirements.

Rest easy knowing that each tank has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected, ensuring optimal performance for your industrial applications. Previously utilized and proven to be in good condition, this tank is a reliable asset for your business.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your industrial processes without the wait. Visit us today to explore the features of this 14,000-litre PE tank, available for immediate pickup. Seize the opportunity to enhance your operations promptly and efficiently!

Contact us for more information - Phone (08) 9274 7000 or Email sales@tankmaster.com.au

5,000 Litre Cone Bottom (Clarifier) Tanks on Stands

QTY: 2 Only

CONDITION: Refurbished

PRICE: $2,000.00 Each

Optimize Your Process Facility with a 5000-litre Cone-Bottomed Clarifier Tank and Stand!

Elevate your industrial processes with our efficient 5000-litre cone-bottomed clarifier tank, complete with its own sturdy galvanized stand. This tank, previously employed in a process facility, is the solution you need for enhanced functionality and streamlined operations.

The cone-bottom design ensures optimal settling and separation of solids, making it ideal for various industrial applications. The galvanized stand provides stable support, allowing you to integrate this tank seamlessly into your facility. Although previously used, this tank has been well-maintained and is ready to contribute to your operations.

With a substantial volume of 5000 litres, this tank offers ample capacity to meet the demands of your processes. It's important to note that this tank, having been utilized in a process facility, is not suitable for potable water.

Why wait for a lengthy lead time? This tank, with its own stand, is available now to enhance your facility's efficiency. Visit us today to explore the features of this cone-bottomed clarifier tank and take a significant step toward optimizing your industrial processes!

Contact us for more information - Phone (08) 9274 7000 or Email sales@tankmaster.com.au

Skid Only – To Suit Cartage Tank

QTY: 1 Only

CONDITION: Refurbished

PRICE: $500.00 Each

Versatile Skid, Endless Possibilities: Your DIY Hub for Firefighting or Watering Projects!

Unleash your creativity with our multifunctional skid, ready to be transformed into your custom project – whether it's a firefighting hero or a watering wizard! Explore the myriad of possibilities as you craft your own solution using our available components.

In our store, you'll find all the essential parts you need – from hoses and fittings to lids, screens, and 40mm drain outlets. The skid provides a sturdy foundation, equipped with mounting pins for stability and convenience. The choice is yours: design a personalized firefighting unit or create an efficient watering system.

No need to search far and wide – everything you need is right here. Visit our retail website now and dive into the world of possibilities. Start your DIY journey with our versatile skid and components, turning your vision into reality, whether it's for firefighting or simply watering your green oasis!

Contact us for more information - Phone (08) 9274 7000 or Email sales@tankmaster.com.au

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What we do at Tank Master

What we do at Tank Master

What we do at Tank Master is pride ourself on supplying the biggest range of domestic, commercial and industrial markets with the largest range and the best prices in Perth, Western Australia and around Australia.

We supply Slimline Water Tanks, Modular Water Tanks, Under Eave Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, Aquaplate Tanks, Septic Tanks and Leach Drains.

Specialists in Pressure pumps, Transfer pumps, 12 Volt pumps, Petrol and Diesel pumps for all your pumping requirements.

What we do is stock and supply a huge rage of filtration products including Undersink, UV, Reverse Osmosis, Water Softener, Sediment, Carbon (Taste and Odour) and replacement cartridges.

Tank master also supply a wide range of Fire Fighting equipment including skid mounted units, trailer mounted units, fire fighting pumps, hose reels, fire hose and a variety of fire fighting accessories.

With a massive range of products, we are able to supply stock standard and customised solutions for a wide variety of situations. 

What’s New at Tank Master?

Expanded Product Ranges

We have expanded our ranges in almost all areas including Rainwater Tanks, Rainwater Tank Accessories, Cartage Tanks, Diesel Cartage Tanks, Septic Tanks, Leach Drain Systems, Filtration, Pumps, Fire Fighting Equipment, Livestock Products, Garden Beds, Ponds, Pond Equipment and Aquaculture.

New Products Ranges

We have also expanded into new domestic (residential), commercial and industrial areas such as Compressors, Generators, Pressure Washers, Welders, Heaters and an expansion to our petrol and diesel driven pumps.

Same Great Service

Tank Master continues to supply high quality rainwater tanks and tank accessories in Perth, Western Australia as well as expanding our range and freight network across Australia.

We pride ourselves on having the Biggest Range, the Best Prices and the Largest Display of water tanks in Western Australia. The right advice is essential and at Tank Master we endeavour to give you the best solution possible.

Come on in and talk to one of our friendly staff. Or contact us and we’ll get back to you.