Septic Tanks, Leach Drains and Infiltration Tunnels

Tank Master stocks and supplies a range of polyethylene septic tanks that are manufactured in Western Australia. Poly Septic Tanks are Lightweight, Easy to install, easy to transport and manufactured from UV stabilised durable polyethylene. We provide a product that is stringently tested to comply with Australian Standards.

Poly Septic Tanks feature an anti-Floatation ring and ribbing incorporated into the design. All tanks are fitted with connections and lids ready for use making them easy to install with either your new or existing building. The tanks are designed to integrate efficiently with your chosen leach drain system.

Leach Drain Systems from Tank Master are designed to integrate efficiently with our Septic Tank units although they can be used in almost any wastewater system.

Manufactured from strong, lightweight polypropylene, they are easy to install and are a cost-effective solution for effluent waste systems. Our Leach Drains are flat packed for ease of transportation and can be delivered throughout Western Australia.

Tank Master Leach Drains are very flexible with a range of configurations. Whether it be a residential septic/leach drain system or a commercial/industrial installation, our leach drains meet strict industry regulations and standards.

The following PDF download detail the specifications of non-concrete Septic Tanks, non-concrete Leach Drains and non-concrete Infiltration Tunnels, approved for use in Western Australia for the onsite disposal of wastewater. The PDF only contains products that are sold by Tank Master.