AT900 – Aquaculture Tub


Dimensions 1220 × 1220 × 800 mm




    • Litres: 900


    • Gallons: 198


    • Diameter: 1220


  • Height: 800


AT900 – Aquaculture Tub

Aquaculture refers to the cultivation of both marine and freshwater species such as fish, shellfish and plants. Tank Master supply quality polyethylene aquaculture tub systems and they are a great solution for Western Australian aquaculture producers who don’t have access to open water. They are also suitable for Ponds and small swimming / dipping pools. Aquaculture tubs are also ideal for dogs and other animals to cool off in as they have no sharp edges or loose fibres to cause harm or bacteria growth.These aquaculture tubs are manufactured via one-piece construction.

Polyethylene is tough, durable, UV resistant, lightweight, and offers exceptional value for money.

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