Baffle Balls – SBB355


Dimensions 355 × 355 × 355 mm


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Baffle Balls are a great way of stabilizing your liquid load, especially in larger loads.

The Baffle Ball system baffles the entire tank which gives you the experience of traveling with a fixed load as it dramatically reduces the ‘slosh and surge’ that you’d feel without Ball Baffles and is the only baffle system that has been independently tested and verified by Loadsafe Australia.

  • Made in Australia
  • Simple to install
  • Manufactured from food-grade polypropylene and is suitable for use with potable water
  • No rust, light-weight and durable
  • Tested and approved by Loadsafe Australia and complies with load restraint guide performance standards
  • Reduces fluid movement for improved load stability during transit
  • Independent testing shows a 46% improvement in braking
  • Slalom testing shows a remarkable increase in vehicle stability with a two-thirds full water tank fitted with Baffle Ball System
  • Suitable for use with all tanks – steel, poly, fiberglass, etc
  • Food grade quality material – suitable for potable water
  • Can be used with water, diesel and other liquids
  • No rust, lightweight and durable
  • Low liquid displacement – 428ml per ball or 1.07% of the total volume
  • Baffle Balls are supplied in two halves and require clipping together

Each Baffle Ball is 355mm in diameter and one per 40 litres of tank capacity is required.

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