Liquidator 2



Liquidator 2 Animation

Liquidator 2

New and Improved – A more versatile, “deluxe” version of the standard Liquidator. With separate pulley housings it is easier to mount on curved and odd-shape tank roofs, amongst congested pipework. An important feature is that the mechanical parts are fully enclosed, making it insect-proof and protected from the elements – rain, hail, snow, dust.

NOTE The guide tube (which may be round or square) is not supplied with the Liquidator but can be readily obtained from hardware or plumbing supply stores.

True Reading

The indicator matches the level exactly. What you see is what you have. Graduations can be marked on or beside the guide tube for accurate measurement.


100 metres plus, day or night, thanks to the reflective red band.

Simple Installation

In each case mounting can usually be carried out using simple tools. Small holes only need to be drilled in the tank roof. (The only part inside the tank is the float which can be passed through the manhole). Next to the manhole is easiest but it can be mounted anywhere on the tank roof. There is no need to enter the tank, and it doesn’t matter if the tank is full or empty.

Insect Proof

All moving parts are fully enclosed, and the only point of entry is where the indicator cord emerges. But, tucked up underneath the pulley housing, the cord passes through a close fitting floating grommet, making bit impossible for insects to enter.


For the same reasons Liquidator 2 is dust and weatherproof too. To be completely sure, silicone rubber should be used at the time of installation to eliminate any gaps so that the gauge is fully sealed against the elements – rain, hail, snow, or dust.