PureMix Z6 Water Filter

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The PureMix Z6 system uses Ultra Z Filtration Technology to reduce unwelcome elements in your water. With 3 levels of filtration, the PureMix Z6 filters out sediment down to 0.1 microns* as well as filtering out the bad taste, odour, chlorine and protects against cysts and bacteria such as E. coli. Leaving you with healthy, great-tasting, clean, safe and pure water.

Valve-in-head Technology

Puretec has introduced valve-in-head technology, which means the cartridge can be quickly and easily changed without having to turn off the water supply.

Filters As Easy To Change As A Light Globe

The Puretec PureMix Z6 quick-change cartridge can be easily replaced – just like changing a light globe. It also incorporates Puretec’s long life filter technology, so you can go longer between filter replacements.

No Extra Tap Required – Fits Any Standard Mixer Tap

The PureMix Z6 can be used with your existing mixer tap and can be installed right under your kitchen bench. This unit can be installed vertically or horizontally, so it won’t clutter up your cupboard.

  • Fits your existing 2-way mixer tap
  • Filters out bacteria including E. coli
  • 3-stage, undersink 0.1-micron water filter
  • Specifically designed for mains water supply.
  • Using Ultra Z Filtration Technology, this Z6 cartridge can protect against cysts and bacteria such as E. coli. Reduces Trihalomethane (THM’s).
  • Provides pure, safe, filtered water, free of chlorine.
  • Sediment, dirt and other particles filtered down to 0.1 microns*
  • including Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts.
  • No need for a separate filter tap. Connects to any mixer tap.
  • Quick and easy installation, ideal for stone bench tops. Mounts horizontally or vertically – no shelf cutouts required.



Replacement Cartridge(s) Z6-R

Flow Rate 9.5 Lpm

Min/Max Temperature 0 – 38°C (protect from freezing)

Min/Max Pressure 200 – 520 kPa

Micron Rating 0.1 micron*

Capacity 60,000 litres

Connection ½” BSP [15 mm]