RWDIV – Rainwater Diverter

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Inlet Outlet - Pipe Size

90mm – 100mm

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The quickest way to start collecting water from your round downpipes. It’s as simple as making a hole in your pipe and then pressing the diverter inside. Then just connect it to your barrel and you’re done! No glue, no fuss.

  • Small yet effective! – It might be tiny, but can still collect up to 750L/hr (190 gal/hr)!
  • Quick Installation – Installation is as simple as drilling a hole in your downpipe to push the rubber rainwater catcher into place. Connect it to your rain barrel and the job’s done.
  • On/Off Switch – A turn of the dial is all that’s required to turn your water collection on or off.
  • Simple connections – We give you choice by including fittings for a 12mm (½”) garden hose and our 32mm (1 ¼”) high flow hose.