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What we do at Tank Master

What we do at Tank Master

What we do at Tank Master is pride ourself on supplying the biggest range of domestic, commercial and industrial markets with the largest range and the best prices in Perth, Western Australia and around Australia.

We supply Slimline Water Tanks, Modular Water Tanks, Under Eave Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, Aquaplate Tanks, Septic Tanks and Leach Drains.

Specialists in Pressure pumps, Transfer pumps, 12 Volt pumps, Petrol and Diesel pumps for all your pumping requirements.

What we do is stock and supply a huge rage of filtration products including Undersink, UV, Reverse Osmosis, Water Softener, Sediment, Carbon (Taste and Odour) and replacement cartridges.

Tank master also supply a wide range of Fire Fighting equipment including skid mounted units, trailer mounted units, fire fighting pumps, hose reels, fire hose and a variety of fire fighting accessories.

With a massive range of products, we are able to supply stock standard and customised solutions for a wide variety of situations. 

What’s New at Tank Master?

Expanded Product Ranges

We have expanded our ranges in almost all areas including Rainwater Tanks, Rainwater Tank Accessories, Cartage Tanks, Diesel Cartage Tanks, Septic Tanks, Leach Drain Systems, Filtration, Pumps, Fire Fighting Equipment, Livestock Products, Garden Beds, Ponds, Pond Equipment and Aquaculture.

New Products Ranges

We have also expanded into new domestic (residential), commercial and industrial areas such as Compressors, Generators, Pressure Washers, Welders, Heaters and an expansion to our petrol and diesel driven pumps.

Same Great Service

Tank Master continues to supply high quality rainwater tanks and tank accessories in Perth, Western Australia as well as expanding our range and freight network across Australia.

We pride ourselves on having the Biggest Range, the Best Prices and the Largest Display of water tanks in Western Australia. The right advice is essential and at Tank Master we endeavour to give you the best solution possible.

Come on in and talk to one of our friendly staff. Or contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Diesel Transfer Stations

Diesel Transfer Station

Diesel Transfer Stations are a great solution for any diesel vehicle or machine operator who requires convenient storage and dispensing nearby.

Designed to securely store and deliver diesel directly into your vehicle or machine, you will save time, money and energy with this hassle-free, efficient product.

Manufactured from fully UV-stabilised, diesel-grade polyethylene, these units are available in two different sizes, 5,300 litres and 10,500 litres so there are options available for the average plant hire operator up to the largest industrial vehicle fleet operation!

Featuring a lockable pumping equipment cabinet connected to the side of the storage tank, you can be assured of security and longevity of operation. All units are supplied with ground fill lines and venturing to applicable standards.

Pump options include the standard 240-volt diesel transfer pump kit. 12-volt powered pump options and flow metres are also available.

Diesel Trailer Units



  • Purpose built for easy operation and smooth towing
  • Landcruiser stud pattern hubs with spring suspension
  • Durable tank manufactured with a specialised grade polyethylene formulated for use in diesel
  • Galvanised chassis frame
  • Custom mudflaps
  • Heavy duty pivot jockey wheel
  • UV stabilised for long life
  • ADR (Australian Design Rules) compliant hydraulic brake system

Optional Extras Available

  • High quality powdercoat finish on mudguards
  • Indicator lamp kit
  • Licence inspection compliance plate
  • Poly tool/storage box
  • Delivery hose reel
  • Fully bunded trailer
  • Diesel transfer pump kits
  • Spare tyre carrier
  • Mine Spec Units Available

Base Model Pricing

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