Storage and Handling

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Bringing you more options than you can think of for all your storage requirements!

Manufactured from durable UV resistant polyethylene these products are design to outlive nearly any use they can be put too!

Product IDDescriptionPrice ($)Image
PFB-1Poly Feed Bucket - 20 Litre0.00
RFRBPoly Footrot Bath - 80 Litre - 2400mm X 480mm X 200mm0.00
CPALLET-FCollapsible Pallet - L 1180mm X W 1180mm X H 810mm (Approx)0.00
CPALLET-HCollapsible Pallet - L 1180mm X W 1180mm X H 560mm (Approx)0.00
CPALLET-L Collapsible Pallet Lid - L 1180mm X W 1180mm X H 30mm (Approx) 0.00
HSPHandy Steps | L 700mm X W 400mm X H 600mm0.00
HSP-1Handy Steps | L 620mm X W 720mm X H 720mm0.00
SCSSafe Crate Step Stool | L 500mm X W 500mm X H 380mm0.00