BoresafeTM – BE5000

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Puretec BoreSafe™ is a safe, easy to apply biodegradable chemical designed specifically to break down the iron build-up in the

bore itself, the bore pump and pipework. BoreSafe™ eliminates the rusty slime, unpleasant odours, orange brown staining and other

deposits. BoreSafe™ breaks down the iron so that the water can flow freely again and it reduces the strain that blockages can put on

your pump.

  • A fast and effective way to clean bores from iron oxide and bacteria build up.
  • New and improved more powerful granular formula.
  • Environmentally friendly – Biodegradable.
  • With regular use, your bore can stay clean.

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Calculating The Amount Of BoreSafe™ Required

Calculate the depth of water in the bore

Total bore depth (metres)______ minus depth from the ground to the water level (metres)______equals ______.

Depth of water. i.e. bore hole is 100m deep, the water level is 40m from the surface – water depth is 60m.

Ascertain whether you require a standard or a shock dose

Standard Dose – A regular maintenance dose when cleaning a bore regularly within 12-month periods.

Shock Dose – Required when the bore hasn’t been cleaned for long periods and has solidified iron buildup.


Check the dosage guide (please note this is a guide only) for the dosage required for the diameter of the bore and multiply that by the depth of water in the bore.

  1. Calculate the amount of BoreSafe™ required (as above).
  2. Dissolve the required amount of BoreSafe™ in a bucket(s) of water. For every kg of BoreSafe add 10 litres of water.
  3. Divert the discharge of the bore pipework back down the bore so the system recirculates (ensure this is done within the specs of the pump).
  4. While the system is recirculating pour the dissolved BoreSafe™ down the bore. Leave the system recirculating for 6-8 hours (the water may change to a green colour).
  5. Flush the system by moving the discharge away from the bore and ensure the water drains away from the bore. (BoreSafe™ is biodegradable – however, avoid foliage that could be damaged and areas that could be stained).
  6. After flushing for 10-20 minutes, to ensure all the BoreSafe™ is flushed out use the provided test kit. Fill the sample bottle with 100 ml. of the flushing water and add 10 drops of the reagent. Agitate and leave for 3 minutes, then observe. If the solution turns purple, the BoreSafe™ has been flushed completely. If the solution is any other colour, more flushing is required and then repeat this step.

boresafe dosage chart