Davey Fire FIghting Pump – Single Impellor – Remote Start – iGX270E

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1.5" X 1.5" (3 Way)

Max Head (M)


Max Flow (LPM)


Help protect your property and your family with a Davey Firefighter®. Davey’s high quality, reliable fire pumps are in demand all over the world. Don’t wait for an emergency, get prepared with a Firefighter right now.

Our partnership with leading engine manufacturer Yanmar (diesel driven), ensures our designs are performance matched to their engines and start first time, every time.


Remote Start Firefighter MKII

The Davey Remote Start Firefighter® is our intelligent remote start Firefighter, offering security and peace-of-mind, to eliminate travel to a remotely located pump.

Activated by SMS, the Remote Start Firefighter provides options to start and stop manually, automatically on a timer, or remotely via an SMS service. The pump can be controlled using input sensors connected to it, for example – if using float sensor, the pump starts or stops when the tank water level is low or high respectively. Other inputs that might turn the pump off are manual start/stop, loss of prime, or a pressure switch.

Importantly; the new built-in modem can connect to 2G, 3G and 4G network depend on which one is available in your area.

Not only for use in emergency situations, you can also use the Davey Remote Start Firefighter for tanker to tanker water travel, irrigation or high head general water transfer.

All registered users will receive SMS feedback and warnings, to ensure you’re kept informed; and the engine is designed to shut down when there is no fuel remaining or the oil alert system has shut down. The SIM in the unit’s control centre is factory fitted and ready to use utilising the Telstra network across Australia. Ongoing use of the SMS function is subject to reception and subscription status.

Models in the range

  • 5190HRS2 – Single Stage Impellor
  • 5290HRS2 – Twin Stage Impellor