Geo Textile Fabric



2m, 3m, 4m, 6m, 8m

Geo Textile is a high-quality non-woven geo-fabric roll which is sold as 2-metre wide rolls by the linear metre. Also referred to as geotextile it is commonly utilised behind retaining wall structures and around leach drains.

Acting as a separation filter the fabric allows excess rainwater to pass through while soil particles are restricted.

Geofabric material is also used extensively in landscape, building and drainage projects.

Manufactured from polypropylene resulting in high tear and puncture resistance. in addition to excellent resistance to chemical attack, therefore is well suited to harsh environments.

The non-woven filtration material has been tested to comply with Australian standards and also Vic Roads and RTA specifications.

Geo Textile Fabric is priced per linear metre and the rolls are 2 metres wide.

(Price = 2 Metres Wide X # of Metres Long)