LEAT-SLM-90 – Leaf Eater Stream

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Various – 90mm

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A sleek, enclosed rain head which prevents splashing – perfect for installing in any narrow location. The splash-free design ensures you catch every drop, while the removable cartridge allows your to periodically clean the filter so that it’s always running at its best.

  • Catch every drop – The enclosed mesh screen completely stops splashing from the rain head, ensuring you catch every drop.
  • Stop splashing – The enclosed rain head prevents leaves bouncing off the screen which keeps the surrounding area neat.
  • Easy Maintenance – The maintenance indicator reveals when it’s time to slide out the mesh cartridge and clean the screen.
  • Cleaner rainwater – Stainless steel mesh screen filters out leaves and debris.
  • Keep out mosquitoes – Keep mosquitoes and pests out of your rainwater system.
  • Slim design fits anywhere – The slim design of the Leaf Eater® Slimline looks great on post and allows it to blend in seamlessly with your building.