LEAT-ULT-90 – Leaf Eater Ultra

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75mm – 90mm – 100mm – 100mm X 50mm – 90mm or 100mm

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A feature packed rain head incorporating the best in leaf shedding technology. Dual-stage leaf shedding features help to remove unwanted debris quickly, reducing any maintenance requirements – which means you get better quality water, more easily.

  • Effective leaf filtration – Larger leaves are automatically deflected with the Leaf Slide Fingers, before any smaller debris is filtered out and shaken off the screen by the vibrating Hydro Active Filtration mesh.
  • Covered design – The hybrid approach to design maintains the leaf shedding mesh screen while incorperating a cover for modest looks.
  • Cleaner rainwater – Stainless steel mesh screen filters out leaves and debris.
  • Keep out mosquitoes – Keep mosquitoes and pests out of your rainwater system.
  • Pivoting base outlet – The VH Pivot base outlet twists to allow installation on veritcal or horizontal pipes without fittings.