WANG-TA – Liquid Level Control Switch – WT-128AB



WANG-TA – Liquid Level Control Switch – WT-128AB

The WT-128AB electronic float liquid level control switch (also known as relay) is the only liquid level control switch that applies the weight change of 2 floats in water and in the air.

Designed for pumping and draining water, the WT-128AB automatically controls the water pump to shut down or start in accordance with water level changes.

Product Details
  • The switch box is completely sealed, preventing dust and moisture from entering – Ensures long-term operation of the device.
  • Solid float maintains balance and stability in the water- Ensures switch control works correctly.
  • Designed to control pump and drain operation.
  • Classification: 220V 7.5A AC power.
  • 110V 15A AC power.
  • Control range: 0.18 – 5m