Poly Round Tank – PR1000F

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Dimensions L 870 x W 870 x H 1980 mm






Wall Height


Total Height



Polyethylene Round tanks, like the PR1000F are tough and resilient. They can withstand even the toughest conditions – even if hit by a hammer, the tanks do not dent or break. This is made possible using seamless architectural design – no joining points results in no weak points.

Poly Round Tanks – Benefits

Our Polyethylene Round Tanks are versatile and come in a wide range of sizes and colours. From small garden tanks, to larger tanks that supply all your water needs, even specially designed tanks with complex fittings to suit the demands of commercial and industrial uses.

Poly Round Tanks – Installation

Poly rainwater tanks are easy to install. While we recommend having professional help you with the installation, our range poly tanks are so easy to install that almost anyone with some handyman experience can do it.

Why choose a Poly Round Tank?

There are many advantages to using a poly water tank over other materials, one of them being pure strength; our plastic tanks are far more robust and resilient than tanks using different materials, you could hit one with a sledge hammer and it will return to its normal shape, unlike a steel tank that will dent or a concrete tank that could crack. Polyethylene does not corrode; it can hold sea water or survive harsh conditions by the sea and stand strong. The nature of plastic tanks means they are simple and light, which makes them easy to transport, to deliver, and to install. All our poly tanks use virgin polyethylene material so there is no risk of contamination from paints or other chemicals.

Poly tanks can be used extensively as part of the reticulated stock watering system on rural properties. They are also a fantastic addition to any house and garden as it can provide water for many applications including filling the pool, washing the car, showers, toilets, washing dishes and clothes.


Stop water going down the drain. Less wastage means your water costs will be reduced and you will be using a natural resource. Switch to a self-sustaining method of accessing and using water.

There are several applications for poly water tanks in day to day life, primarily around the house, the farm, the business or in schools. Within the household, a water tank can provide a means of which to take pressure off the monthly water bills by providing you with a self-sustaining method of collecting and utilising rain water. Similarly, on a farm there is a definitive need for water whether it is being used for livestock, gardens, cropping or other uses around the farm.

Businesses also have a need for a reliable source of water and our poly tanks can allow businesses to store water securely in a tank that can fit almost any environment or situation. Some of the potential uses for businesses involve stormwater management, on site water supply, garden water, and using water in the production process.

Supporting Education

Tank Master acknowledge the important work teachers do in developing the future generations of Australia. Our Poly Round Tanks can be used in schools as a means of helping to teach children about sustainability and the importance of responsible water use with the increasing problem of water scarcity.Use our tanks for Stormwater retention. Harness the natural resource in the form of storm water and use that water when and how you want.

If you have any special requirements, or would like to know more about the PR1000F, contact one of our friendly staff.