PUE1500E – Poly Under Eave Tank


Dimensions 1325 × 875 × 2000 mm





25mm Drain and 20mm High Tap., Leaf Basket Inlet, PVC Overflow (50mm or 90mm depending on the tank)



The PUE1500E is only one of our range of Poly Under Eave or Slimline rainwater tanks and they are tried and tested for Western Australia’s unique climate. The PUE1500E Poly Under Eave or slimline tanks are perfect for residential, commercial and industrial use where there is not a lot of space or there are access restrictions.

Tank Master specialize in the supply of slimline poly rainwater tanks for urban properties. Our range of Under Eave, Slimline tanks is most suited for homes or businesses with limited space.

Why stop at a rainwater tank when they can do so much more…! Make an Under Eave, slimline tank part of a total Rainwater Harvesting solution.

Our Poly Under Eave, Slimline rainwater tanks come in sizes of 250 litres to 3000 sizes. Come into our Midland store and check out the range today…!